Too Faced Haul + Reviews

Hi everyone!!

Last week I went to Sephora with the idea that I want to buy just a nude lip liner.. But as always I ended getting more than just a lip liner. Soo.. I decided to do a post with thoughts on the products. I also wait for your opinion in the comments! 😀

This is a picture with all the products I have bought.

This is a picture with all the products I have bought.

*The things I have bought:

1.The Bonjour Soleil Palette

IMG_9981 IMG_9983

-this is a sculpting/bronzing palette

  -I really love the chocolate smell of it

                   It has:

  • the CHOCOLATE SOLEIL Matte Bronzer, which I LOVE!! I use this almost every day for sculpting my cheekbones and my forehead.
  • the SUN BUNNY natural bronzer. I sometimes use this to give my skin a more natural bronzed look.
  • the SNOW BUNNY luminous bronzer. You can use this as bronzer if you have really light skin or as a highlighter if you have a darker skin.

I don’t really recomand this palette, because I don’t think that ‘sun bunny’ and ‘snow bunny’ are very useful, and you can find the ‘chocolate soleil’ individual beside the palette.

2.The Cocoa Powder Foundation


  • So,this is a powder foundation.. It also smells like chocolate!! It says it’s an antioxidant-rich,matte foundation. I really like how it feels on the skin, but I don’t know if this will stay all day on the face because I couldn’t stay all day with it cause I don’t have the good shade, sooo…..

Oh, I forgot to mention that mine is in the shade Light.

                                                                        3.The Melted Long Wear Lipstick


  • I definitely can tell that this is my favourite product of this haul. I love all the Melted lipsticks!! The formula is great, it will stay on your lips forever and it’s very creamy which I like!
  • This is in the shade Melted Peony and it’s a really preety,sweet pink. But what I love about it it’s that this is not too pink. It’s perfect!

4.The Color Bomb-Moisture Plumping Lip Tint


  • This is The Color Bomb Moisture Plumping Lip Tint. Mine is in the shade ‘Never enough nude’. So, this is really plumping your lips, but I don’t know, maybe it’s just this shade.. You can’t wear this alone! It makes you look like you’re sick and really pale.
  • I usually put this with like 20 mins before I go somewhere just to plump my lips cause in that time the color will come off, but my lips would remain plump!
  • WARNING! The pepper in it will burn. It’s not something insupportable but it will hurt a bit 😀

5.The Perfect Lips- Lip Liners


  • This liners are just… OMG I can’t even tell how much I love them!!! They are soo creamy and the pigmentation it’s just…


Mine are in the shades ‘Perfect Pink’ and ‘Perfect Nude’.

I really hope this video will help you, and I will also wait for your suggestions.

Have a nice day!! 🙂


My Foundation Routine


Soo, my foundation routine…. My foundation routine is constantly changing,because I like to try new things. In this post I have my favourite products of the moment off all I have tried. I will be really happy if you will leave a comment with your favourite products!! 😀


                      1.My first step is always ‘primer’. For me the Pore fessional from Benefit does an amazing job! This doesn’t dry my skin and it really covers my pores! I’m not sure if my foundation stays longer with this but this gives me a flawless look for sure!



                         2.Then apply you favourite foundation. Now I am using the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation, and I think this is a really good foundation, and also really affordable! For this step I am using the Real Techniques Expert Face   brush.



                          3.Concealer. I really love concealer!! I think this is really my favourite part.. For this I am using my favourite 2: MAC Pro Longwear and Wake Me Up. If you are using or you will want to use the MAC one,you will have to be carefull because it dries really quickly.



                     4.If you have used the MAC concealer,really quickly apply your powder! At the moment I am using the banana shade from Anastasia’s Contour Kit. I love this because it really brighten up your eyes! I am using the setting brush also from Real Techniques. I really love these brushes!!


                    5.Then I am using the lightest shade also from the Contour Kit for contouring. This will give you a really natural look of contoured cheeks. I am using the multi task brush.



                      6.For me the last step is blush! Today I decided to use this preety shade from Sephora. I’m not sure, but I think this was limited edition.. This will give you the perfect natural,healthy look! For this I am using the blush brush from RT.

        I hope you enjoyed it,and I will wait for you’re opinion.

Have a nice day!! 🙂


Red Ombre Lips

                                            Heii.                                                                                                                                                                      Today I decided to do a tutorial.. Red Ombre Lips. I really love red lips,especially ombre red lips! I think 2014    was the year of red lips for me. But it’s something classic and always classy. Sooo, without other descriptions.. I will begin!


1.Eos lip balm 2.Any burgundy lip pencil 3.Mac-ruby woo 4.Mac-pro longwear concealer 5.Bourjois loose powder.

*The first step is to exfolitate! It’s very important.. If you skip this step your lips would look very dry! (and we don’t want that happen..). Another advantage would be that your lips would also look bigger!!

                            1.Always MOISTURIZE! If you moisturize your lips would be softer and the lipstick would apply easier..

                          2.Line your lips with a burgundy color liner and then fill a little bit in the edges of your lips to give that ombre effect.

                             3.Fill in your lips with any red lipstick. It doesn’t have to be perfect ’cause we will solve that after you apply it. Mine was a matte one,so it was a little bit harder.. But in the end I succeded.

                          4.Conceal with a little brush any imperfections.. Then if you want you can go again with the same burgundy pencil.

                       5.After you are done with that, take a thin towel, put it on your lips and with any brush take some loose powder and dab it slowly on the towel(on your lips). This will make your lipstick to stay in place for a long time.

*If you think that your lipstick came off when you did the last step add a  little bit again.


                                   I really hope this helped you!!

                                    Have a nice day 🙂


My first review!! The Chocolate Bar..


today I decided to do a review of one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. It is the Chocolate Bar from Too Faced. I absolutely loove this palette!! It’s just AMAZING! Oh,like the entire brand actually.


Too Faced-Chocolate Bar

*Reasons to love this palette:

1.The colours are absolutely gorgeous! I mean.. What do you want more?! You have a lot of neutrals,burgundy and violets,a beautiful green; mattes and shimmery colours..

2.The eyeshadows are so so pigmented.. (awesome quality)

3.The smell of it. It really smells like CHOCOLATE!! How crazy is this?!

4.The design. Too Faced has always cute designs for their things,but I must say that this one is my favourite between all of them!

Here I have swatches with my favourite colours from the palette:


*Milk Chocolate- a taupe satin

*Marzipan-shimmery pink beige

*Cherry Coridal- warm burgundy with slight silver sparkle

I hope you guys enjoyed it,

Have a nice day! 🙂


The First Post..


This is my first post,so I’d better do a good one!

But today I decided to talk a little bit about me. I hope this will not be super boring.. 😀

I’m a 14 years old girl,turning 15 next month(yeyy). I’m from Romania. I’m a trully sociable,kind,good,brave,smart,loyal,honest,patient,responsable person,despite the fact that my family or my friends would say that over 50%  of the things listed here are incorect. I’m also a sensitive person,but this is 100% TRUE.

I started to play with makeup recently but I’m very into it! About an year ago my best friend sent me a message asking how should she do her makeup for a prom,and she sent me lots of tutorial videos. In that moment I was so fascinated that I said “This is what I want to do”. Since then I started to collect makeup. When I want to relax I watch videos on YouTube with gurru girls or of course do my makeup.

In the next videos I would post photos of makeup I do and explain how I made them and maybe do some reviews,hauls..

You can find me on Facebook,Yahoo Mail or Tumblr till next time!

                                                              Have a nice day! 🙂